Maceo Montoya

With its interdisciplinary curriculum ER&M was open to redefining academic boundaries, which included providing a space for alternative approaches to research and documentation. This allowed me to explore more creative outlets and I believe it attracted other students who wished to do the same. I didn’t yet know I wanted to be a visual artist or a novelist, but I consider ER&M’s support of those interests in tandem with my scholarly pursuits as fundamental to my development not only as artist but as one interested in representing marginalized communities and exploring issues of identity and displacement.


Maceo Montoya graduated from Yale University in 2002 and received his MFA in painting from Columbia University in 2006. His artwork has been exhibited throughout the country as well as internationally. His first novel, The Scoundrel and the Optimist, was published in 2010 by Bilingual Press. He is an Assistant Professor in the Chicano Studies Department at UC Davis.