Alicia Schmidt Camacho, Chair

Alicia Schmidt Camacho's picture
Prof., American Studies, Ethnicity, Race, and Migration, Assoc. Head of College, Ezra Stiles College;
35 Broadway, New Haven, CT 06511

Alicia Schmidt Camacho is Professor of American Studies and Ethnicity, Race, and Migration, and the Associate Head of Ezra Stiles College. Her scholarship concerns the femicide in Ciudad Juárez, transnational migration, border governance, and social movements in the Americas. She is the author of Migrant Imaginaries: Latino Cultural Politics in the Mexico–U.S. Borderlands (NYU Press, 2008), and is currently at work on a second book project entitled, The Carceral Border: Social Violence and Governmentality on the Frontiers of Our America. She chairs the board of Junta for Progressive Action, a community agency serving the Latina/o community of Fair Haven, and is a contributor to local and transnational projects for immigrant and human rights.


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