ER&M flexes independence with three new hires

March 10, 2022

Ethnicity, Race and Migration is taking advantage of its new independence.

Almost three years after thirteen affiliated professors temporarily withdrew from the fast-growing program, citing a lack of institutional support, ER&M is building its ranks — this time on its own terms. Faculty committees have completed searches for three new ladder positions, ER&M chair Ana Ramos-Zayas told the News. Hi’ilei Hobart and Tarren Andrews will specialize in Native studies, and Leigh-Anna Hidalgo will teach Latinx studies. All three are at the beginning of their careers and will become junior faculty members.

The hires represent both ER&M’s newfound independence and a heightened interest in ethnic studies nationwide. The new hires also mark a significant expansion of Yale’s Indigenous Studies opportunities, as previously the University had only one American Indian professor tenured in the Faculty of Arts and Science.