In White House forum, faculty member explores Latinos’ contributions to America’s heritage

October 10, 2011

Stephen J. Pitti, professor of history and American studies, is among a group of scholars who has been invited by the White House to take part in a forum exploring American Latino heritage.

The White House Forum on American Latino Heritage, hosted by the U.S. Department of the Interior on Oct. 12 and attended by 600 guests, is focused on honoring, recognizing and identifying the contributions of American Latinos in the fabric of America. Participating scholars have committed to serve on the American Latino Heritage Scholars Panel, which advises the National Park System advisory board on matters related to the development of the American Latino Theme Study, including areas of American Latino history that are underrepresented in the current roster of national parks, national historic landmarks, national historic trails, national heritage areas, and other historical places that fall within the scope of National Park Service responsibilities.

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