Quan Tran recipient of the Richard H. Brodhead ’68 Prize

May 9, 2022

Quan Tran, senior lecturer in Ethnicity, Race, and Migration (ER&M) and American studies, your students marvel at your ability to weave individuals into a curious community in your classroom. The individual attention you provide to students, whether they are enrolled in your courses or pursuing the senior essay in ER&M, is recognized as key to the success of each individual student and to the department overall. They appreciate that you care about their learning, their overall success and their well-being, all at once.

Your classroom community consistently receives high praise. One student said that you ‘created a space where our age differences, identity differences, and academic differences became, rather than disparities, assets of discussion. She enabled us to see our full agency in the classroom, in addition to a thorough understanding of the privileges of Asian diasporic subjects in undefined territories. We all left this class with what we had wanted to learn, and then more … a community of curiosity and celebration.’

Seniors have appreciated the guidance and structure you have provided for their senior theses. ‘She helped over 30 ER&M seniors find a senior essay director, focus our projects, and create a research and writing plan. Even beyond the seminar, she organized weekly writing study halls in the ER&M department in which all the seniors can stop in to write during that time and ask her any questions that may come up during the writing process. This is going above and beyond what is required of her.’

Students have found the level of engagement in your courses to be remarkable, whether they are taught in person or virtually. One student shared: ‘She also weaved in engaging events and invited amazing guest speakers to supplement the course material. Despite having class through Zoom, Professor Tran’s seminar is one of my favorite courses I have taken at Yale.’”