ER&M Office Hours 2017-2018


Meet the DUS: Professor Dixa Ramírez

Students interested in scheduling office hours with ER&M Director of Undergraduate Studies, Professor Dixa Ramírez, should follow the instructions below.

What you Need to Know

  • All appointments are 15 minutes long and should be booked in advance, using the electronic sign-up below.
  • For questions about the major and scheduling, please come prepared with the ER&M Program Worksheet.
  • Meeting Location(s)
    • During shopping period, all office hours will be held in the DUS’s ER&M office - 35 Broadway, Room 204. 35 Broadway is located behind Toad’s Place and is accessible from York St. For assistance, please view this map or contact the ER&M Administrative Assistant at 203-432-5116.
    • After shopping period, all office hour appointments will be held on Tuesday afternoons (Fall ‘17), and Wednesday mornings (SP ‘18) at the DUS’s HGS office: HGS 106. To locate HGS (320 York St.) please refer to this map. Professor Ramírez’s office is accessible by entering the door to the left of the main HGS entrance gate.

Book An Appointment

During Course Selection/Shopping Period (in 35 Broadway)

August 31 - September 7 , Fall 2017

January 16 - January 26, Spring 2018

During the rest of Fall and Spring semesters (in HGS) 

 September 12 - December 19 , Fall 2017

January 29 - May 9, Spring 2018


Meet the Senior Essay Coordinator: Professor Quan Tran

ER&M seniors interested in scheduling office hours with ER&M Senior Essay coordinator, Professor Quan Tran, can find her in her 35 Broadway office on Mondays (10a-2p) and Thursdays (10a-12p), and by appointment.