Spring 2018

Courses Instructor Meeting Pattern
ER&M 200 - Intro To Ethnicity Race & Migration Alicia Schmidt Camacho TTh 1pm-2:15pm
ER&M 206 - Politics Ethnic National Identity Maria Jose Hierro MW 1pm-2:15pm
ER&M 221 - Intro Critical Refugee Studies Quan Tran W 9:25am-11:15am
ER&M 227 - Health and Migration Airin Martinez MW 2:30pm-3:45pm
ER&M 243 - Spiritual But Not Religious Zareena Grewal TTh 11:35am-12:25pm
ER&M 270 - Mexico since Independence Gilbert Joseph T 1:30pm-3:20pm
ER&M 278 - Black Atlantic Visual Tradition Robert Thompson F 1:30pm-3:20pm
ER&M 287 - Visual Culture of Natl Parks Monica Bravo Th 2:30pm-4:20pm
ER&M 289 - 20th C Latin American Art Monica Bravo M 9:25am-11:15am
ER&M 291 - Caribbean Diasporic Literature Heather Vermeulen W 1:30pm-3:20pm
ER&M 293 - History and Culture of Cuba Albert Laguna MW 2:30pm-3:45pm
ER&M 297 - Food, Race & Migration in U.S. Quan Tran Th 1:30pm-3:20pm
ER&M 300 - Comparative Ethnic Studies Daniel Martinez HoSang W 1:30pm-3:20pm
ER&M 310 - Zombies,Pirates,Ghosts,Witches Dixa Ramirez W 2:30pm-4:20pm
ER&M 313 - Nigeria and Its Diaspora Oluseye Adesola TTh 1pm-2:15pm
ER&M 320 - Narratives Blackness Latin America Dixa Ramirez T 3:30pm-5:20pm
ER&M 361 - American Indian History 1890 Jameson Sweet M 1:30pm-3:20pm
ER&M 364 - Politics of Knowledge Latin America Marcela Echeverri Munoz Th 2:30pm-4:20pm
ER&M 371 - Development &Change in Iraq & Afghanistan Naysan Adlparvar T 2:30pm-4:30pm
ER&M 376 - Extreme and Radical Right Paris Aslanidis Th 2:30pm-4:20pm
ER&M 396 - Gender Culture in South Asian America Inderpal Grewal T 7pm-8:50pm
ER&M 410 - Youth Cultures in the Americas Ana Ramos-Zayas Th 1:30pm-3:20pm
ER&M 417 - Russia Between Empire & Nation Edyta Bojanowska TTh 11:35am-12:50pm
ER&M 418 - Immigration Ethics Diego von Vacano T 1:30pm-3:20pm
ER&M 427 - Race& Religion Early Modern Stage Catherine Nicholson Th 9:25am-11:15am
ER&M 430 - Islam in American Imagination Zareena Grewal W 1:30pm-3:20pm
ER&M 432 - Runaways, Rebels, Wenches, and Rogues Joseph Yannielli

W 7pm-8:50pm

ER&M 436 - Resistance and Imperialism Anne Eller W 1:30pm-3:20pm
ER&M 451 - Outsider Art Mark Mitchell W 1:30pm-3:20pm
ER&M 463 - Ethnography of Policing and Race Kalfani Ture W 3:30pm- 5:20pm
ER&M 470- Independent Study Staff HTBA
ER&M 472 - Individual Reading&Research: Jrs&Srs Staff HTBA
ER&M 492 - The Senior Essay or Project Staff HTBA

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