Justin Neuman

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Assistant Professor
63 High St, New Haven, CT 06511-6642

My research and teaching focus on global Anglophone literature and culture in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.  I am currently at work on two book projects.  No Faith in the Secular: Reading for Religion in Global Fiction investigates the rise of religion in the past quarter century through novels that take an idea of the global as a primary theme and ultimate frame of reference.  In an era when religions consistently exceed the boundaries policed by secular modernity, global fictions reveal the ongoing processes by which the claims of secularity are contested and reformulated as novelists negotiate ethical life in a pluralist world.  My second project, Crude Culture: Literature in the Oil Age, uses an interdisciplinary approach to corporate archives and literary fictions in order to track the shifting ways writers, companies, and governments have imagined petroleum and the social, political, historical, and environmental transformations wrought by its extraction and consumption.

Selected Publications:

– “Religious Cosmopolitanism?  Orhan Pamuk, the Headscarf Debate, and the Problem With Pluralism.”  Minnesota Review. Number 77 (2011).

–“The Novel Against God: Questioning the Form’s Inherent Secularism.”  Culture. 3.2 (Fall, 2009).

–“Unexpected Cosmopolitans: Media and Diaspora in J. M. Coetzee’s Summertime.” Criticism. 53.1. (Winter, 2011).

–“The Fictive Origins of Secular Humanism.” Criticism. 50.4. (Fall, 2008).

–“9/11 Chronomania.”  September 9, 2011.

–“Beyond Denial.”  June 1, 2011