Dixa Ramirez, Director of Undergrad Studies at Ethnicity, Race, and Migration

Dixa Ramirez's picture
Assistant Professor of Latina/o Literature
320 York St, New Haven, CT 06511-3627

Dixa Ramírez is an Assistant Professor of American Studies and Ethnicity, Race, and Migration. Her research and teaching explore the entanglements between race, gender, nationalism, colonialism and imperialism, and geographic displacement as they emerge in literature, film, music, and other cultural expressions of the Francophone and Hispanophone Caribbean and their diasporas. Her first book, At the Navel of the Americas: Transnational Dominican Narratives of Belonging and Refusal (Forthcoming from NYU Press), argues that dominant Western discourses have ghosted Santo Domingo/the Dominican Republic despite its central place in the architecture of the Americas. Her second book project, “Frontier Blackness,” considers the question of legibility, visibility, and surveillance in the performance and self-fashioning of blackness at the turn of the twentieth century throughout the hemisphere through photographs, film, written narratives, and ephemera. Her work has been published in Atlantic Studies, The Black Scholar, Comparative Literature, Small Axe, and in the Dominican media.