Silence Equals Violence: Remember the Sand Creek Massacre by Stanley Heller

March 2, 2015

At the start of December I came late to a Ferguson protest being held in New Haven and started video recording. Happily I got a good chunk of the remarks of an American Indian student at Yale, Sebastian Medina-Tayac. It’s here entitled “We Are Your Allies.” After his remarks we got to talking and he told me that there was going to be a memorial to the Sand Creek Massacre that night outside a Yale building. So I brought the camcorder over to what proved to be the rear of the Yale Native American Cultural Center and recorded a lot of the memorial. It was impressive. Seven or eight people led the program with 30 or so looking on or taking part despite the drizzle. It was probably the only memorial to the massacre east of the Mississippi. There were prayers, drums, singing, poems and a talk by Ned Blackhawk. Ned Blackhawk!  I had just read his piece about the massacre inThe New York Times a few days earlier…

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